9 People You Won't Believe Actually Died Watching Famous Movies

9. A Danish Audiologist Found A Fish Called Wanda So Darn Hilarious That He Actually Died Laughing

Is A Fish Called Wanda the funniest movie of all-time? Going by the fact that a man actually DIED FROM WATCHING IT, there's definitely room for argument. Believe it or not, but this really, genuinely, definitely happened: back in 1989, when the movie was first released in Denmark, Danish audiologist Ole Bentzen thought that the John Cleese comedy - which co-stars Jamie Lee-Curtis and Michael Palin - was so downright hilarious that he died from laughing at it. The scene that did him in? The one where Ken gets chips up his nose, apparently, which had Bentzen's heart beating at between 200-500 beats per minute (insane), before he finally had a heart attack and died. Now, don't get us wrong: A Fish Called Wanda is bloody hilarious, but was it worth getting killed over? And would anybody else pay lots and lots of money to watch a recording of the night where Bentzen watched Fish? Just how much laughter was there, exactly?

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