9 Positive Realisations From Re-Watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Unhappy after viewing number one? Here are saving graces from #2.


The Last Jedi has been in cinemas across the world for the best part of five or six weeks, and is still being discussed as fervently as it was just before and shortly after its big day.

Before its launch, fans and critics had extremely high expectations - everyone wanted to see where Rian Johnson would take a Star Wars installment, which would surely break new ground but also keep up with the well-established momentum from Episode VII. Indeed, most were hoping that it would far surpass that first re-entry to a galaxy far, far away.

Still, weeks later, after 350 critic reviews and almost 200,000 user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, the critics vs audience weighting is still an incredible 90 percent fresh for the critics to 49% liked by audiences. Debate will continue to rage about how people felt, and indeed how people should feel.

Cool your jets, Last Jedi doubters: positive preaching this is not. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Nor is this trying to change anyone's mind. What it is, though, are the thoughts that occurred on second viewing to those who were disappointed and even frustrated the first time around, but then began to feel a little more positively. These are the things that didn't sink in initially, but left a far deeper impression on the occasion of knowing what would actually happen in the story and looking at the overall piece of work more objectively.


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