9 Positive Realisations From Re-Watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi

9. Canto Bight Is Vital For Finn And The Audience


It would seem that everyone's least favourite section of The Last Jedi is Canto Bight, so let's get two thoughts on that place out of the way before digging deeper into traditional Star Wars fan values.

Firstly, most viewers seem to look at Canto Bight as a random diversion, especially as the plan centred around that location didn't even work. However, without his visit there, Finn would never have found what exactly he needs to fight for. Before this, he had a horrific experience to escape from, but the start of The Last Jedi sees him rather aimless. He's not particularly dedicated to the Resistance - far more just to Rey herself. He wants to escape and find her, and is no longer invested in the fight against the First Order.

But now, for the first time, he (and the viewer) see how their regime impacts on the wider galaxy beyond having an intimidating military. Of course, the First Order, like the Empire before them, have destroyed entire planets - that's part of their villain routine. However, on film, have we ever seen the wider consequences of the First Order or the Empire to the everyday, non-Rebel members of their society? Did we ever see how Snoke or Palpatine's forces crushed innocent people's ordinary lives and limited everyday opportunities? Now, we have. We've learned far more about a morally corrupt, choice-strangling way of living, and we better appreciate why Leia and her forces must bring it down.


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