9 Reasons The Visit Is M Night Shyamalan's Comeback

9. It's Surprisingly Hilarious

The trailers for The Visit mostly suggested a straight-up horror film, and most of the "comedy" looked like it was going to be unintentional. However, perhaps the biggest surprise of the movie (other than it actually being good) is that it's intentionally hilarious. The prime source of the movie's laughs is the brother character, Tyler (Ed Oxenbould), who performs his terrible raps during several scenes and does a hilarious impression of grandma Doris (Deanna Dunagan) when she starts acting weird. Shyamalan reportedly created three cuts of the movie: one that was completely comedic, one that was total horror, and finally a third which combined the two, and it's with that final one that the director appears to have found his footing again as a filmmaker. As a writer he's never really played his comedic hand before, but it proved surprisingly effective here and ensured the film never took itself too seriously.

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