9 Reasons The Visit Is M Night Shyamalan's Comeback

8. Shyamalan Has Complete Control Of His Creation

One thing that's abundant throughout the film is that Shyamalan is making exactly the sort of movie he wants to. He made The Visit with $5 million of his own money before he had a distributor lined up, and filming was actually completed before the film was even announced to the general public. Without the weight of expectations that his previous films invited or having to deal with A-list actors and monstrous budgets, Shyamalan has been able to get back to basics and make something that actually feels distinctly like a Shyamalan movie again rather than something a hack-for-hire would crank out for an easy paycheck. Hopefully he'll follow up this project with something else that's low-budget and mysterious rather than try to return to the $100+ million arena as soon as possible. It'll take a while for him to win his audience back, but this is certainly a good start.

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