9 Stunning Opening Movie Scenes That Hooked You Immediately

Movies that knew how to start with a bang...

Blade Runner - Eye
Warner Bros.

There is nothing more important than a first impression. Who knows whether or not you will spend much time with a person you have just bumped into, but a film may demand your attention for hours, so it is important that the first impression counts. Whether it's establishing mood, character, themes or foreshadowing future events, it's vital the film can hook you as soon as possible.

In an ever-changing digital world where film and TV are as accessible as ever, the movie you have chosen must grab you from the onset. Why? Because well why not just press back and choose another? Gone are the days where you were lucky enough to catch a film on TV just as you had a spare few hours, or had to go to the cinema across town to watch one of your most anticipated films.

With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sky Cinema and ever-increasing internet speed, it's more important than ever for films to grab their viewers’ attention early, hook them in, and refuse to let go.

9. The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring Elrond Hugo Weaving
New Line Cinema/Warner Bros. Pictures

The Lord of the Rings was and still is regarded as one of the most ambitious film projects ever produced. Peter Jackson had the immense task of bringing JRR Tolkien's unprecedented world and story to the screen whilst respecting the source material. A fantasy book that was as much about the world as it was about the story; Jackson had to balance the narrative with unmatched scrutiny to capture the author's memorable characters, story, and exposition.

The opening of The Lord of the Rings was arguably more important than any scene that took place after it, as it had to introduce us to the world and story in a way that engaged us enough to commit to it. I say commit because the film is 11 hours long. Yes, if you watch the extended edition, 11 hours. However, Peter Jackson nailed it, creating what almost seems like a movie within a movie.

The opening sequence tells us the story of the one ring, from its forging to its capture, to its consequent wars, and its eventual disappearance. Opening with a haunting Elvish voice over and special effects that hold up excellently to this day, it's set amongst a backdrop of beautiful scores composed by Howard Shore. It's a majestic and ethereal opening to a brilliantly visualised world that sucks you so far into its story that you will only find yourself slipping out of it 3 and a half hours later.


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