9 Theories That Answer HUGE MCU Mysteries

Galactus could already be coming to earth.

Galactus Fantastic Four

In a cinematic universe as vast as the MCU, with so many story lines, sub plots, and unfinished character arcs, it would be simply impossible to answer every single question hanging over the franchise. From seemingly smaller, less significant questions that may make a much bigger ripple in the wider universe, to huge questions we know will be resolved eventually, but are too impatient to wait for the answers, the MCU holds countless unsolved mysteries.

This is no bad thing at all, as it allows us as fans to look deeper into the franchise and try to figure out the secrets we haven't been told. We can make theories based on the tiniest clues we've found in the past 27 movies, make huge assumptions based on the source material, and everything in between.

In some ways, this is just as much fun as actually watching the movies themselves. At the very least it adds another layer to the viewing experience, as we're waiting to see if we were right all along.

Some of these either make way too much sense to be ignored, or would be so amazing if they came true we can't help but hope. Either way, there are plenty of theories that look at the biggest mysteries in the MCU and render them, well, not so mysterious after all.

9. M'Baku Ruled Wakanda During The Blip

Galactus Fantastic Four
Marvel Studios

Avengers: Endgame saw the heroes who survived the initial snap battle against Thanos, as the Hulk was eventually able to bring those who didn't back to the world. This surprised very few, since some that were dusted were the most popular, and most marketable characters in the entire franchise.

However, it wasn't exactly like all was restored to how it was before the snap. Five whole years had passed, meaning those that went away missed a hell of a lot. One of the most affected places in the world would have been Wakanda, who lost their king. Though T'Challa ultimately returned, someone must have been ruling the African nation for the last five years, but since the logical successor, Shuri, was also snapped, who took the crown after Infinity War?

Though there are two other strong candidates in Okoye and Ramonda, this theory claims M'Baku to be Wakanda's best option of leadership. Not only has the man known in the comics as Man-Ape led the Jabari Tribe for a long time, he has shown excellent decision making for the good of his country. He could have left T'Challa for dead, but instead decided to save him because he was better for Wakanda than Killmonger.

Also, with Shuri and her brother gone for five years, two of the brightest minds in Wakanda, the country would have to find a way to be less reliant on the technology that they kept hidden for so long. This is something that the Jabari Tribe had wanted for a long time already, making M'Baku the strongest option available.


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