9 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Comic Book Movies

Time to get the facts straight.

The Dark Knight Rises John Blake
Warner Bros.

There are few things in this world that inspire arguments as passionate as those about superhero movies.

Why argue about real-world politics and depressing things like that when you can get red in the face about Superman killing people in Batman v Superman (something Zack Snyder recently refuted), or wring your hands raw about the exact intent of one word of Christopher Nolan's dialogue?

These nine scenes from huge superhero movies have been fiercely debated by fans, some taking huge logical leaps, others simply failing to fully understand the scene, and a few clearly being intentionally obtuse in order to bait the more logical thinkers among us.

By simply paying attention to these scenes and how they play out, though, it's resoundingly obvious what the true intent in each case is, and yet, there are still hordes of fans online who will insist their backwards interpretation is the unassailable truth.

It's time to untangle the webs, cut through the bulls***, and get to the bottom of these famous (or infamous?) superhero movie scenes once and for all...


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