9 Things That Need To Happen Before John Wick Ends

This one goes out to all you Keanu-philes out there.

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With a fourth John Wick film already in pre-production, a series slated for cable TV, and a rumored spinoff film in the works, there is plenty more in store for “baba yega” himself and the deadly underground world of assassins this imaginative film franchise has built.

Now three films deep, we can’t help but take a minute and wonder how Mr. Wick and his supporting cast of menacing characters’ arcs will end. Will our anti-hero finally get to rest, or will he meet the same grisly fate as so many henchman who had the misfortune of jumping in front of his bullets, knives, tomahawk, and, well, behind his horses?

If you are a die-hard fan of the series and, like many of us, have watched Chapters 1-3 with meticulous scrutiny, then you are definitely wondering if it will tie up some of these loose threads, dangling out there like Mr. Reeves’ luscious locks of hair.

9. John’s Dog Will Get A Name

John Wick dog
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The inciting incident that kick-started John Wick’s original waltz of revenge through New York City’s underworld was the murder of his dog, a puppy beagle gifted to him by his dearly departed wife, Helen. Helen sent the adorable little pup to John through a courier service, which she set up to be delivered on the night of her own funeral.

On top of the pup’s carrier was a handwritten card from Helen telling John to take care of the dog - which she named Daisy - now that she is gone, which then reduces the otherwise stoic man to tears. In a morbid twist of fate, the following night some Russian hooligans break into John’s house to steal his muscle car—which John might have looked past—but their major mistake was in the killing of his last earthly gift from his wife, Daisy the puppy.

Cut to the final scene of the film, and a badly injured John breaks into a rescue shelter to perform first aid on his wounds. There he spots a rather chilled-out pit bull sitting quietly in a kennel, and John takes him home with him so he can have a new canine to bond with.

Chapter 2 takes place a short time after the events of the first chapter, so soon in fact that John hasn’t had time to name his new companion. This becomes a running joke between John and Charon, the concierge of the New York Continental, over the next two films. So we would hope that by the end of the saga, somebody gives that poor dog a name.

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