9 Things We Want To See In Doctor Strange 2

Aside from more sentient cloaks of course.

Doctor Strange II
Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange had a long road to the big screen but I think most people would agree it was worth the wait. Yet again, Marvel brought another beloved (if somewhat obscure) hero to life in a crowd-pleasing film that is currently crushing it at the box office. While we’ll be seeing Doctor Strange before long in Avengers: Infinity War (or sooner) fans are already looking forward to his next solo outing.

While the films in Marvel’s Phase 4 are still a mystery, given the reception of the first film, both critically and financially, it’s pretty safe to assume there will be a Doctor Strange 2. The question is, what will the sequel look like? With a franchise like this, and from what we saw in the first film, the possibilities are quite endless. So what do we want from Doctor Strange 2?

The first film, while good, was saddled with the heavy-lifting required in an origin story, establishing this world and introducing new characters. The sequel will have room to dig deeper into the fascinating world of magic within the MCU and give fans a new adventure that surpasses the first.

9. Scott Derrickson

Doctor Strange II
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The announcement that Scott Derrickson would be helming the Doctor Strange film was met with a collective "meh". Though his horror film, Sinister, was pretty effective, his filmography didn't inspire a lot of confidence. At best, Derrickson seemed like a safe studio choice rather than an auteur that could bring something special to the table.

Now that the film has been seen, it is clear that Derrickson was the right man for the job. Even with his previous subpar films, he showed he has a real eye for engaging visuals. Once he was given bag of Marvel money, he really put those talents to use. While the story beats were familiar, the look of the film set it apart from anything else in the MCU, and most other films.

Marvel doesn't have the best track record for keeping directors around for the follow-up films. Both Joss Whedon and Jon Favreau only lasted two movies, while Kenneth Branagh, Joe Johnston, Alan Taylor and Shane Black all took the one-and-done approach.

But with the success of this film and Derrickson's evident passion for the project, it's safe to assume Marvel will ask him back. It will be great to see what he can do with a tighter script and larger budget.


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