9 Times Actors Majorly Spoiled Their Own Movies

It's not just Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland!

Logan Death
20th Century Studios

Over the years, many actors - especially the famous culprits at Marvel studios - are contracted to become tight lipped about the latest instalment in their own major franchises. The epic finales are kept under wraps from the fans, as they dig the internet for any signs of what may be to come.

From revealing deaths, murder culprits, or downright live-streaming the entire opening of a movie at it's own premiere, there have been a multitude of ways that these actors have accidentally given away far too much for those waiting to see their films.

It's no surprise that the production companies are not best pleased as these actors blurt out live on air how their character is going to perish or what lies in store for the future of their closed set plot, not be given out to the general public after signing non disclosure agreements to keep these reveals hidden.

It's harder than it seems, given by the list compiled, but here are just a few times actors have given just a little too much away, and spoiled major things in their own upcoming releases. Major spoiler warning for what you are about to read!

9. Mark Ruffalo - Thor: Ragnarok

Logan Death
Marvel Studios

The most famous actor to spoil the major plot points in upcoming movies is Marvel's Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo. Ruffalo joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in The Avengers back in 2012, taking over Edward Norton in playing alter ego for the green monster Bruce Banner and acting for motion capture when transformed in to the beast.

Ruffalo was praised for his take on the Hulk, especially in Thor's third instalment Thor: Ragnarok, directed specifically by Taika Waititi to bring a fresh and comedic take on the two characters known for their slow and underwhelming solo movies in the past.

Fans were naturally incredibly excited about this, as the announcements were made and filming began, leading up to the premiere itself in 2017. Ruffalo began to live stream the event on his own Instagram to capture the red carpet special event .

Entering the stage before the film started, the actor pointed his camera at the audience to take videos and photos of their hype before being escorted to his own seat to watch, putting his phone into his pocket.

However, Ruffalo did not switch off his device, live streaming on his Instagram audio of the beginning of the movie. Around two thousand five hundred people tuned in before someone told Ruffalo to switch his phone off.

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