9 Times You Had To Be Tricked Into Seeing Great Movies

Did Marvel really think we wouldn't see Infinity War unless the Hulk was in it?

Infinity War Thanos

In a way, it's kind of inevitable that movie trailers and movies themselves often present two wildly different versions of the same product. After all, marketing is usually handled by an entirely different team than the filmmakers who worked on the project, who use choice scenes and shots to sell a film based on market trends and what's appealing at the time.

Consequently, whether or not they're confident the movie will sell as is or they're hiding some essential information that will make the cinema experience even better and more surprising, there have been more than a considerable amount of flicks (especially recently) which have presented one thing in trailers, and then dropped something markedly different in theatres.

Though studios often do this to make bad films look far better than they actually are though, over the years there have been some amazing flicks that marketers thought they needed to trick you into seeing, hitting you with a bait and switch that you didn't know you actually needed.

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