9 Upcoming Movies That Are Tricking You (But Not How You Think)

Hollywood is trolling you.

Marvel Studios

For better and for worse, movie marketing is all about manipulation, with studios desperately trying to convince audiences that their latest glossy tentpole is actually worth spending money on.

And often studios will go to deceptive lengths to get butts in seats, even flat-out lying about the content of a movie in order to bolster its box office potential.

In less nefarious terms, they may also deliberately obfuscate a movie's plot specifics in order to keep an intriguing surprise under wraps until audiences see it for themselves on the big screen.

The latter certainly appears to be the case with these nine upcoming films, all of which have invited fervent discussion about the precise nature of their narratives.

Many fans already seem convinced that they've pegged the plot twist for each of these films, yet if rumours and supposed "leaks" are true, the filmmakers are actually pulling a different sleight-of-hand altogether. And so, as sure as you might feel about an expected reveal, these reports all seem to suggest a last-minute swerve elsewhere.

Before you proceed, bear in mind that these much-discussed rumours and apparent leaks may unearth major spoilers for some of the most highly anticipated upcoming movies...


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