9 Ways To Have The Ultimate Spooky Time At Universal Orlando Resort's Halloween Horror Nights 2023

This guide features everything you need to know to have the best time at HHN32.

Universal Orlando Resort Halloween Horror Nights HHN32
Universal Orlando Resort

This year marks the 32nd Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort.

Each fall, Universal Studios Florida is taken over by the twisted minds of HHN, creating 10 spooky houses, 5 creepy scare zones and even a fire-fuelled show.

There's so much to see and do across the entire resort over this frightful period. There's spooky pop-up bars, interactive photo opportunities and unique shopping experiences to enjoy.

This guide features 9 things you need to do and tips to ensure you have the ultimate experience at what we think might be the best event Universal Orlando Resort has ever created!

If you want to know more about the 10 houses, why not check out our review of all houses.

9. Stay And Scream To Get In The Houses Before Anyone Else.

Universal Orlando Resort Halloween Horror Nights HHN32
Universal Orlando Resort

To have the perfect spooky evening you might want to go into the park a little early to get a head start.

Usually Universal Studios Florida shuts its doors to regular park guests early but allows day guests who have HHN tickets to stay and wait for the event to begin.

These areas are known as Stay and Scream areas and allow guests to have a drink and get in line early for certain houses, dependent on where they wait in the park.

Stay and Scream is only open to guests who have valid admission the the park during the day and HHN that evening. If you don't have park tickets for during the day you will instead need to wait outside the park until it has been transformed. Which means everyone in the Stay and Scream areas will get a head start on you.


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