9 Weird (But Plausible) Superhero Casting Choices That Need To Happen

Come on! Admit it - you can totally see some of these happening.

DC Comics/Columbia Pictures

There have been a fair amount of lists on this site that deal with which actors should or shouldn't play superheroes. Generally, these lists go for rather sensible choices, ones that may not be the most obvious, but also ones that most generally wouldn't bat an eyelid at.

And that's okay. I myself have been a part of these contributions, choosing the people that I, at the time, thought were the best possible actors to play the characters of Marvel or DC Comics. Recently, I did a list: '5 Weird (But Plausible) Casting Choices For Wolverine', a list that ignored the likes of Tom Hardy or Taron Egerton and took a look at some of the... less conventional, shall we say, choices to play Marvel's most famous mutant.

The thing is, there are plenty more characters that are ripe for similar treatment, and so, I bring you this list. A list that takes ten different characters from the halls of the House of Ideas and the Distinguished Competition and provides them with an unusual (yet conceivable) choice for an actor to play them.

Apologies in advance, comic book purists.


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