9 Well Deserved Movie Villain Deaths

Sometimes, they really just get what they deserve...

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Movie logic dictates that at least 99.9% of the time, the heroes succeed and the villains lose.

As audiences we enjoy a happy ending and more often than not, that will come with the downfall of the film's antagonist. On the occasion where you get an Anton Chigurh walking away (metaphorically) unscathed or Keyser Söze skipping off into the sunset, we can’t help but cheer for their success since their charm and narrative on screen makes them something of a likeable villain.

The direct opposite however- when a villain so toxic and disgusting gets what they deserve; it’s such a delicious and cathartic act that we almost feel relief to see them perish. The distinction between a good and bad villain can be drawn by simply how charming, engaging or likeable they are. It can be almost off-putting to encounter a villain who does not inspire sympathy or support from at least a fraction of the audience.

Sometimes when a movie villain is so visceral and hateful on screen, their very presence leaves a bitter taste in our mouths. We hate everything about them ,and the mental countdown to their comeuppance is all we can think about. It’s only logical this character dies. They don’t deserve mercy, or the justice of standing in front of a judge and jury. For us, these characters are the ones we want to see rubbed out almost immediately. So let’s take a look at nine of them shall we?

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