9 Well Deserved Movie Villain Deaths

9. Quinn - Apostle


If there’s one thing that immediately makes a character an unlikeable villain, it’s killing someone innocent. If they want to double-down on the hate, kill someone innocent and then blame it on another person. Go for third? Get the blamed person killed in one of the most excruciating ways possible.

That’s what kind of person Mark Lewis Jones’ Quinn is in the amazing Netflix exclusive Apostle. As one of the three founders of the early 20th Century remote cult, Quinn plays the role as the chief of security and leader of the enforcers on the island.

After butchering his own daughter for having unwed relations (or possibly relations with someone other than him?) he orchestrates a coup of the island that sets upon a chain reaction of events that seem to all exclusively consist of violence, death and gore.

As the island around them collapses, Quinn hunts down Thomas and the survivors of the cult with the intention of breeding sacrifices for their ancient goddess. What follows is an assortment of gut-wrenching stabbings that are only satisfiable knowing it’s Quinn who is receiving them and not one of the good guys. Go to hell Quinn! You head-crushing piece of s**t!

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