A Quiet Place Review: 9 Ups & 1 Down

The year's horror film to beat.

A Quiet Place Emily Blunt
Paramount Pictures

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's new horror film A Quiet Place is in cinemas this week, and since its recent debut at the SXSW festival, it's scored some of the year's strongest reviews so far, being universally acclaimed for its unique, thoughtful approach to a seemingly typical monster movie premise.

No, it's not a secret Cloverfield sequel as many suspected, but it is one of the smartest and most confidently-crafted genre films in quite some time, a dizzyingly intense and highly entertaining horror flick that should play well across a wide array of audiences.

A word of warning, though: due to the movie's premise revolving around silence, you might want to catch a weekday matinee screening if possible, because watching this with a weekend evening crowd could be quite unbearable.

It's such an effective experience that you should try to watch it with the smallest audience you can, where distractions are minimal and you can soak in the oppressive quiet as much as possible.

Regardless of how you see it, know that A Quiet Place is well worth your time whether you're a hardcore horror nut or mostly averse to the genre...


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