A Quiet Place Review: 9 Ups & 1 Down


1. That One Awkward Plot Point...


More recent trailers for A Quiet Place have revealed a plot point that's given away in the first 10 minutes of the film, so it's not a spoiler in any sense, but it does completely change the way the audience views Emily Blunt's character Evelyn.

Evelyn becomes pregnant shortly after the savage, alien creatures begin their seeming invasion of Earth, touting a large baby bump when the story kicks off.

While mistakes are made and nobody's perfect, Evelyn's pregnancy presents a pretty sizeable hurdle of character logic for the audience to leap through from the outset. Simply, why on Earth would anyone conceive a child well aware that monsters are roaming wild outside?

The film at least somewhat implies why they decided to have a baby, but it's not really convincing enough a reason, and ultimately just makes the otherwise smart central characters seem reckless and stupid.

It certainly doesn't damage the film all that much - and does lend some added vulnerability to Blunt's character - but it's just not that easy to buy into the dramatic and emotional authenticity of two people choosing to do this.

And with that gripe out the way, here's everything the movie gets right...


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