Alien TV Show In The Works?

Are the Xenomorphs heading to the small screen?

Alien Xenomorph
20th Century Fox

Despite the box-office disappointment of last year's Alien: Covenant, Fox are reportedly still looking to continue the Alien franchise, only this time with a move to the small screen.

According to a new rumour, which comes courtesy of Omega Underground, the studio is now developing a TV show set in the Alien universe. Their own speculation posits that it could be based on the Colonial Marines introduced in James Cameron's Aliens, or perhaps a colonist settlement, while there's also a question of whether it would end up on one of Fox's own networks or a streaming service (although apparently Hulu and Netflix have been ruled out already).

Without much to go on it's worth taking with a grain of salt, but it's likely that Fox will look to continue the franchise in some way. It's already spawned six movies, while Ridley Scott has repeatedly talked about future movies (albeit ones that look less likely to happen after Covenant's performance), and with it turning 40 next year they may want something new in place for the anniversary, even if it's just a full announcement of the TV series.


That said, it could all depend on the Fox/Disney merger too, which could always alter these plans if/when it goes through.

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