An A-Z Guide To Ryan Gosling

timthumb Ryan Gosling is a man adored by many men and women alike. He has been around for a while, but in the last three or so years he has become pretty much a household name. There seems to be a universal appeal to the man, which at once both inspires and irritates the rest of the male population. Gosling has unconventional good looks like James Stewart, and the cocky yet fragile complexity of a young Robert De Niro; he has the makings of a modern day icon. Yet somehow, Ryan Gosling seems ridiculously normal. There is something of an everyman about him that he seems able to turn on at will; the rest of the time he has more charm than a hundred Don Drapers. Oh, and he is one of the most respected young actors on the slate. So what makes up the super-being that is Ryan Gosling? Lets take a look, shall we... A: America€™s Favorite Canadian vallankaantopuoli Just when Ryan Reynolds thought he had the title in the bag, the other Ryan crept out of nowhere to be crowned as the most adored Canadian in America. It is a rare privilege that the rest of the world cannot quite understand. Come on world! If South Park has taught us anything, it is that Americans and Canadians are aboot as loving of each other as England and France. Despite this, Gosling has established himself as the sort of beloved movie icon that appeals to all. Think James Dean meets Tom Hanks via Jack Nicholson. Fellow Canadian, Seth Rogan recently joked that he intended to rip on Gosling in the upcoming Its The End Of The World. But according to Rogan, even HE could not get away with that;
€œPeople kept saying, €œYou can€™t say that about Ryan Gosling!€€
He truly is joke proof.

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