An A-Z Guide To Ryan Gosling

B: (The) Believer 4pIPqyhSA0BzKCjaLCEwAKNvKfX 2001 was the year when Ryan Gosling went from fuzzy child actor to raging youngling, and appeared in the reasonably well-received The Believer. Gosling€™s role in the film required him to play a Jewish man who rejects his upbringing and embraces the neo-Nazi movement. As with most race-related dramas, it is all a very chirpy affair and everything ends up rosy. According to the film€™s director Henry Bean, Gosling was cast because Bean believed that the young actor€™s Mormon upbringing might give him a natural insight into the strict Jewish lifestyle of his character. Whether that is the case or not, Gosling took to the role and got a taste for acting outside the all-American sweetheart he had played to that point. The Believer marked the beginning of the end for Disney Gosling, but it would still take him a while to find his stride. (See also, €˜W: Weak Links€™) C: Colouring Book


It says a lot about a man when someone has taken the time to base a colouring book around him. But this is just another example of the jocular farce that Gosling inspires in people (see also, €˜F: Feminism€™). Author and artist Mel S. Elliot is the mastermind behind €˜Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling€™, and is a self declared Gosling fanatic. The book has so many wonderful images to choose from, such as €˜Drive Gosling€™, €˜smiley Gosling€™, and for the more intense fan - Gosling holding an empty Polaroid that you can glue an image of yourself to. You love Ryan, now he loves you. Just remember, in all your excitement, to colour between the lines. D: Derek Cianfrance Blue_Valentine Scorsese and De Niro, Burton and Depp, Ford and Wayne. There are many great director-actor partnerships in film history. Gosling has two bromosexuals in his career, and the first is Blue Valentine writer/director Derek Cianfrance. Gosling and Cianfrance practically €˜became€™ the same person throughout the shoot of Blue Valentine, with the actor basing his look and behaviors on his director, and the bromance went from there. After a series of gushing statements about each other, Gosling and Cianfrance have teamed up again for the director€™s next film The Place Beyond The Pines. The best thing about Gosling€™s working relationship with Cianfrance is that they push each other to betterment. Blue Valentine is a career highlight for Gosling, and has set a precedent for his €˜heart of gold€™ performances; something that he has slowly honed with the likes of The Notebook, and Lars And The Real Girl. (See also, €˜N: Nicolas Winding Refn) Roll on The Place Between The Pines

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