An A-Z Guide To Ryan Gosling

E: Emotionally Crippled blue3 Every celebrated actor has a €˜type€™. And although these €˜types€™ are not always identical to each other from film to film, they often share a character trait or two. Gosling€™s characters are often emotionally crippled to some extent. Driver of Drive is a lone wolf, Lars from Lars And The Real Girl is a recluse, Dan from Half Nelson is a downright mess, and Jacob from Crazy, Stupid, Love is a frustrated romantic. I could go on, but I wont. This sort of shadowy-handsome-stranger-vibe is all part of what makes Gosling so appealing as an actor. In an age when most leading want to either be adored or revered, Gosling seems to be happy as a hopeless loner with the occasional penchant for violence and protein shakes. (See also, €˜K: Keeps To Himself€™) F: Feminist BC5E8514BE03CF1FEF76E3848A9E5 Hey Girl, want to take a sex symbol and adopt him to ironically represent feminist ideals? Over recent years, Gosling has unwittingly become the face to be adored by members of women€™s lib the world over. It may be because he has magical man sparkles, or simply because Gosling just feels game, but either way the hive vagina mafia have made him their poster boy. Gosling was raised by his mum and his sister, and even admits to being "programmed like a girl", so it is no wonder he makes the perfect feminist patron. Popular website, has adopted the €˜movie dude€™ to push forward with progressive thought via viral images, and the €˜Hey Girl€™ collection. It is all very witty and highbrow, and I am sure that Gosling feels more than privileged to be held in such high regard. After all, he adores women in every respect. However, one cannot help but feel that Borat may have made a much more interesting choice to help the grunch. (I kid, I kid. Please don€™t string me up) It is also worth checking out the other €˜F€™, for the slightly similar and equally brilliant; www.f** G: Gene Wilder 20354647 Pointless fact for you; Gene Wilder married his third wife, Gilda Radner, the same day I was born. Second useless fact for you, Ryan Gosling cites Gene Wilder as his favourite actor.

€œGene Wilder is my Marlon Brando. Gene Wilder will break your heart and make you laugh at the same time. And that's deep. There's something really profound about what he's able to do. It's transcendent. It's everything. He gives you everything at once and you have to decide what you feel about it.€


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