Another 20 Underrated Movies You Have To See

Some more gems waiting for movie night...

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Considering the amount of films that come out every year, it's more than likely that you're going to miss out on one or two. As modern audiences we are constantly being inundated with waves upon waves of big blockbusters, years-in-the-making biopics, summer action films and epic franchises, all bolstered by persistent marketing campaigns which can often overshadow other pictures deserving of your time, money and appreciation.

There are plenty of other underrated films you should really check out, but there are simply too many out there for just one list. Many excellent action flicks, dramas, romantic-comedies, family animations and horror films are still waiting to be seen by a more substantial audience.

As with the previous list, the following entries will cover a wide range of genres, in an attempt to meet as many tastes as possible. Hopefully something in here will suit the kind of thing you're usually after.

From the brutally violent to the wonderfully sweet, the hysterically funny to the fantastically silly, and the constantly exciting to the stunningly clever, here are 20 more amazing and under-seen movies waiting for your next movie night.

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