Aquaman: 22 Easter Eggs & References Explained

8. Pinocchio

Pinocchio Ears

Of all the properties you might expect to see referenced in an Aquaman movie, Pinocchio probably wasn't one of them.

Nevertheless, the classic 1883 tale is invoked numerous times throughout the film, first visible as a toy in Arthur's childhood home and referred to several times as a story Arthur grew up with.

The nods becomes decidedly more heavy-handed, though, when Arthur and Mera end up hiding inside the mouth of a giant whale - resembling the iconic Pinocchio whale Monstro - and when the pair arrive in Italy, a child literally hands Mera a Pinocchio picture book.

It's all executed a bit awkwardly, to be honest, but it's nice that the DCEU is even trying to be allegorical at this point.

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