Aquaman: 22 Easter Eggs & References Explained

7. The Trench

Aquaman Trench
Warner Bros. & DC Comics

Even before they show up, the Trench are mentioned several times throughout the film as part of an Atlantean sacrificial ritual in which ne'er-do-wells are left to be feasted on by the mindless, ocean-dwelling monsters.

Atlanna is initially believed to have been sacrificed to the Trench after returning to Atlantis following Arthur's birth, but of course, any half-way conscious audience member likely didn't believe that.

The Trench are Aquaman's common enemy in the comics, and they finally get their brief due in one of the film's most eye-melting sequences, when Arthur and Mera are forced to swim away from them.

As far as anonymous digital hordes go, they're a step up from Justice League's Parademons at least.

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