Aquaman: 23 WTF Moments

Is James Wan's fishy tale the most bonkers ever?

Aquaman Giant Crab
Warner Bros.

As you might expect from a film about a superhero who communicates with fish and actual battle seahorses, Aquaman is easily one of the silliest comic book movies of all time. This is a grand statement, given everything that's gone before, to be honest, but there's something almost majestic in the way James Wan consciously embraces the oddness.

Sure, it has its problems - like the writing, some of the effects and lots of the story decisions - but if you're looking for a pure popcorn movie experience, it's hard to look much further. Provided you don't need a particularly cerebral experience with your popcorn.

Because of the agenda not to be too much of a Thinking Man's Comic Book Movie - and indeed the conscious embrace of some of the sillier elements of the source material - Aquaman is an absolutely towering monument to WTF Moments...

23. Snapchat Faces

Aquaman Pregnant
Warner Bros.

De-ageing is an increasingly frequent thing in movies these days and we can partly thank Marvel for the fact, because of how well they used it in both Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War. They showed the capabilities of the technology, but as Rogue One subsequently proved, it's still very possible to misuse it.

Unfortunately, some of Aquaman's de-ageing is so ropey that it's incredibly off-putting. The work that goes into making Temuera Morrison young again, in particular, is jarring and so too are the effects on Willem Dafoe. Both end up looking like they've been filmed through Snapchat filters, which at least makes them very of-the-moment, but worse than that is the fact that in an attempt to make Dafoe look 20 years younger, nobody bothered to check what he looked like 20 years ago. Because he certainly didn't look like he does in this movie.

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