Aquaman: 23 WTF Moments

22. Drunk Driving's Not Cool, Dude

Aquaman Father
Warner Bros.

Though this is a fairly violent action movie made by a horror film-maker, it's important to remember that it's essentially made for a broad audience, including - probably - a good deal of younger kids. If it wasn't, Wan would have been given more licence to go darker with his horror influences and Arthur would probably have been a bit more of a dick.

Apparently, Wan forgot for a little while that his audience might be impressionable youngsters because an early sequence shows the grown-up Arthur enjoying "breakfast" with his old man - a meal that, in reality, is made up solely of beer. We get a nice little comic spin on the aggressive biker stereotype when a group of walking cliches ask for a selfie with the superhero and it all descends into booze-soaked debauchery. Very on-brand with Aquaman's bad boy image.

And then he goes and spoils it all by getting into his car and driving home as if it's nothing, despite the previous scene very heavily hinting he's extremely drunk. He might be a meta-human, but you have to consider the message that sells to kids.

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