Aquaman Reviews: 9 Early Reactions You Have To See

Is the DCEU's latest film dead-on-arrival or is it their strongest swimmer yet?

Warner Bros.

After years of pre-production, development, and shooting, DC's Aquaman will be finally swimming its way into theaters in less than a month. Considering that Momoa was initially cast in the role of Arthur Curry all the way back in 2013, it has been quite the journey to get here and now the question becomes; was it all worth it?

The film held its initial premiere a few weeks ago and the social media embargo just lifted, meaning that the lucky guests in attendance are now able to share their opinions with the world.

While official in-depth reviews aren't allowed to be published just yet, these early snippets of reactions will have to hold fans over as they wait with baited breath to see if Aquaman will be able to follow in the footsteps of Wonder Woman before it, or if it will fall into the garbage heap that is the rest of the DCEU's output.

These are the early reactions to Aquaman that you have to see.

9. It's DC's Venom

Warner Bros.

For better or worse, the film has inspired a great many comparisons to another comic book film from earlier this year: Sony's Venom.

Venom was released in October to unanimously awful reviews but became something of a so-bad-its-good underdog and has wound up making over $750 million worldwide. So while DC is undoubtedly hoping for better reviews than the film, they surely wouldn't be complaining if their Aquaman film did that kind of business.

From the actual reactions, this seems to be meant as a compliment. As @andrewbdyce says on Twitter;

"Forever grateful to Wan and Snyder that this is the Aquaman we get to have in movies. This is DC's blockbuster Venom."

Fandango recently reported that Aquaman's pre-sale tickets actually look to be outpacing Venom's, so DC might just have a bona fide blockbuster on their hands for the first time since Wonder Woman.

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