Army Of The Dead: 10 Most Savage Deaths Ranked

9. Marianne Peters

Army of the Dead Queen

When we first meet helicopter pilot Marianne Peters it's established fairly clearly that she is going to be the most blue collar character in the movie. She's dissatisfied with her current life and will do anything - including flying a group of mercenaries into a zombie-infested city that's about to be nuked - to change her status.

More than just being relatable as a grounded character wanting more out of life, Peters was also a hero. At any time she could have just flown off and left everyone behind, and at a point it almost seemed like she did, but instead she stayed. It wasn't even because of the money either, but rather that she wanted to help her friends. So, when she is shot in the crossfire between Scott and Zeus and then dies in the ensuing crash, it's absolutely tragic.

If there is one character who deserved to live to see another day, it was Peters. But, alas, deserved had nothing to do with it as sometimes bad things just happen to good people.


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