Army Of The Dead: 9 Stupid Blunders That Completely Ruined It

8. The Heist Element Never Quite Comes Through

Kate Ward Army Of The Dead Ella Purnell

One of the most tantalizing things about this picture was the combination of heist movie and zombie movie, but those expecting much of a heist film will be sorely disappointed.

The heist doesn't actually play that big a part in the film, as the vault in Las Vegas is opened easily and it turns out that the heist's organizer only wanted a zombie's head (so he could create a zombie army), not the money - meaning that it was all completely pointless.

Had Army of the Dead actually embraced the heist genre, that would've made this movie so much more original and exciting. After all, we've seen people running around fighting zombies hundreds of times before and we didn't really need to see that yet again.

For example, the movie could've been in the vein of Ocean's Eleven, with the characters having to smuggle the money out of a heavily fortified military base in the zombie-occupied city, or something along those lines. If only.


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