Army Of The Dead: Every Crew Member Ranked Worst To Best

Which zombie killer rose above the rest?!

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The name Zack Snyder is everywhere at the moment. This is mostly down to the massive release of the Justice League Snyder Cut. But his Netflix movie Army of the Dead hasn't been shy when it comes to hogging the limelight.

Although the flick is far from perfect - as it suffers from many Snyder traits like a lengthy runtime and a focus on style over substance - it's still a tonne of action-packed fun that takes the zombie genre in a very fresh direction.

While the flesh-hungry beasties of the flick are undoubtedly the stars, they aren't the main focus, as it's the leading crew of misfits on a mission to pull off a heist in zombie-infested Las Vegas who are the film's actual centre.

However, not all of them are as good as others.

The cast collectively presents something colourful and fun, but there is a distinct hierarchy amongst them, thanks to their performances, motivations, personalities, and positions within the group. So, to look at this film in more detail, it makes sense to sort the Shamblers from the Alphas.


This list will contain major spoilers for the film.

10. Maria Cruz

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It's very easy to put Maria at the bottom of this list, as she's undoubtedly the most underdeveloped, bland and forgettable character in the movie. Her fall from grace was particularly awkward because she came in with quite a bit of fanfare, only to be pushed to the side and stripped of all personality.

Ana de la Reguera did the best she could with this role, but seeing as she was given so little, it couldn't have been easy. Cruz started strong as the first character to be recruited by Scott Ward to the team, and she seemed destined to be a significant player in the dynamic.

However, she soon became second fiddle to Ward, as she only ever acted out his requests and never took any initiative, despite her evident experience. Alongside this, her character was so bland, as she had no interesting quirks or unique moments in the flick.

Then, her character went from dull to ridiculous, as she professed her love to Scott in a sudden attempt to give her an interesting motive. But, we'd seen no romantic chemistry between the pair, so it felt entirely out of the blue.

This awful decision was the final nail in the coffin of an already forgettable character.


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