Army Of The Dead: Every Crew Member Ranked Worst To Best

9. Chambers

Army of the Dead Poster

There are a certain set of things that a zombie movie needs in order to work. These include good VFX, a tonne of gore and a strong ensemble, but one thing it cannot forget is cannon fodder. If you're watching a zombie flick and someone doesn't bite the dust early on, then you've no real way of seeing just how dangerous the mission is. Army of the Dead's version of this was Chambers.

This character - played by Samantha Win - didn't get a full introduction like the others, as she came along with Mikey Guzman as part of his entourage. During her initial screen time, it was clear she wasn't a major focus, but she did get a slight chance to shine after getting hostile with Martin - Tanaka's head of security.

But, her time in the spotlight didn't last long, as, during the very tense hibernating zombie scene, she was screwed over by Martin and ended up getting devoured by Shamblers. She gets some points over Cruz because she had a bit of an edge to her, and managed to survive being surrounded by zombies far longer than you'd expect.

Still, overall, she was only there to die early and thus cannot rank very high.


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