In the future, Jake, a paraplegic war veteran, is brought to another planet, Pandora, which is inhabited by the Na'vi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture. Those from Earth find themselves at odds with each other and the local culture. overview.gifJames CameronJames Cameron Filming 22nd May 2009 cast.gif [/div] facts.gifAvatar will be James Cameron's first movie since the highest grossing movie of all time, Titanic in 1997. Since then he has played around with new 3D HD film technology for the shooting of a couple of documentaries and he now talks as if he is ready to put his new found techniques into wowing us again. In August 2006, James Cameron hired Peter Jackson's WETA Studio's (Lord of the Rings, King Kong) to work on the visual effects of the film. articles.gif [/div]

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