Avengers 4: 15 Biggest New Rumours You Need To See

Will the Infinity War sequel come with an even bigger threat?!

Marvel Comics

Even a good few months away from Avengers 4's actual release, there's a lot of information, misinformation, rumour, theory and rampant speculation relating to the Russos' hugely anticipated sequel. It's the comic book movie event of all comic book movie events: the true culmination of a decade of story-telling and the launch pad for possible multiple decades more. In other words, Marvel need to not mess it up.

At this stage, everything looks promising, thanks to Infinity War's incredible legacy, which is why there's so much talk out there about it. The hype train has limited fuel right now, so fans are filling in the gaps with rumours and theories (some of which are based on actual information) and now's a great time for an update on that front.

So what's the latest on the forthcoming sequel in the rumour mills?

15. Iron Man Has A Proton Cannon

Avengers 4 Shows Iron Man Proton Cannon
Marvel Comics

The Rumour

In the wake of the Russos' teaser image that everyone seemed to think was going to be a title hint, fans have started to take notice of the huge piece of tech sitting just at the edge of frame that could have been a big reveal in itself. Since then, a better image has emerged that shows it off a little better...

Rumour has it that this is a first-look at Tony Stark's new Proton Cannon weapon, which both he and War Machine have wielded in the comics and suggests he's going to have some SERIOUS firepower in the war against Thanos.


It would be quite a move to have a weapon that big involved and it's interesting that the "cannon" has appeared in the MCU before (in Infinity War in Tony Stark's lab during the scene that saw Rhodey stand up to General Ross). Given that it wasn't explained at that point, you'd have to think it will be coming back in a major way, particularly since it was in the Russo image.

Interestingly, Inverse showed the photo to Ani Aprahamian, Ph.D., who teaches experimental nuclear physics at the University of Notre Dame, and he suggested there was no way a proton cannon could be viable. Because of course, a Hulk man and a giant purple alien wielding a magic glove are both fine, on the other hand.

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