Avengers 4: 15 Biggest New Rumours You Need To See

14. War Machine Gets An Upgrade (And Maybe A Vehicle)

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The Rumour

As well as the possibility of us seeing a Tony Stark-developed Proton Cannon, it seems War Machine is also getting a major upgrade for the new sequel. That much was revealed by some leaked artwork:

On top of that, it seems Rhodey might be getting a new whip, if a LEGO Avengers 4 line leak is anything to go by, at least. So, far all we have is a list of titles, but the interesting point in there is that War Machine Vehicle is listed.


LEGO lines aren't always tied entirely to the stories of the films they're linked to, but over the years, they have spoiled some pretty big details from other MCU movies (like Giant Man's involvement in Civil War) so it's not impossible that we'll legitimately get to see War Machine in some sort of vehicle. It's still confusing though, since he effectively IS a vehicle...

And as for the artwork, that's pretty much been confirmed as legitimate already, so it would seem he's definitely getting a new, improved suit.

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