Avengers 4 Reshoots Begin: Set Photos, Returning Characters & More

Has the full title also been teased?

Avengers 4 Witch

The Avengers are re-assembling.

After spending the entirety of 2017 shooting both Avengers: Infinity War and the as-yet untitled Avengers 4, the cast and crew recently reconvened and started rolling cameras on the upcoming fourquel's reshoots.

Due to the highly secretive nature of the production, things have mostly been kept on lockdown, and details about the nature of this extra photography are scarce. That being said, it's borderline impossible for a movie like Avengers 4 to be filming without something leaking out, and on that note, the last few days have yielded a small pool of reshoots-related information that's definitely worth discussing.

Set pictures have leaked, major actors are returning to shoot more scenes, time travel is definitely involved, Mark Ruffalo has been reliably loose-lipped, and Jeremy Renner has given us another glimpse at Hawkeye's fresh new look. We're a long way from learning anything truly concrete about the film's plot, but it feels like the big picture is slowly starting to take shape.


This article contains unofficial Avengers 4 set pictures, so if you consider that sort of thing a spoiler, you have been warned!


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