Avengers: Endgame - 10 Biggest UNANSWERED Questions We Still Have

As if you weren't confused enough.

Avengers Captain America


There literally isn't anything else worth talking about in the world of entertainment than Endgame right now, but thankfully, Avengers 4 is every bit the epic, mammoth final instalment in the first "arc" of the MCU, as we hoped it would be.

Every major plot thread gets tied up, 11 year-long references get made, an entire "greatest hits" time travel expedition across various major instalments makes for the main bulk of the runtime, and Thanos gets beheaded in the first 10 minutes.

Yes, really.

It's one hell of a ride, and the vast majority of everyone's predictions were dead wrong. Literally no one could've foreseen a 2014 edition of Thanos beaming through to the modern day, to do battle amongst the rubble of the destroyed Avengers HQ.

And yet... for a movie that mostly holds together - where even its most baffling inter-dimensional shenanigans are explainable (I think) - there are a bevy of questions fans will likely have to theorise on, for the rest of time.


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