Avengers: Endgame - 10 Scenes Everyone Expected To See (That Didn't Happen)

The biggest film of the year comes with some serious expectations.

Avengers Infinity War Hulk Thanos
Marvel Studios

Avengers: Endgame has made all the money in the world and pretty much everyone able to has seen it at the cinema. Fans are now hungrily dissecting every frame of the 181-minute feature, and with good reason as there’s many scenes to examine, but what about examining what wasn’t there.

For the past year people have been speculating, theorizing, predicting, hypothesizing, and enacting many other verbs trying to see if they could pin-point exactly what will happen in the fourth Avengers installment.

Fans tried to force secrets from directors Joe and Anthony Russo, with very little success and even forcing them to lie at times (the directors said that the fourth Avengers film’s title wasn’t from spoken dialogue in Avengers: Infinity War, obviously a lie as Doctor Strange told Tony, “We’re in the Endgame now.”) Though, they really can’t be blamed as they were harassed about the title for nearly a year straight.

But really, it was all just another step in their campaign of misdirection, and it went a lot deeper than that, judging by the scenes we didn't get that were either expected or flat-out teased...

10. Nebula Defeats Thanos

Avengers Infinity War Hulk Thanos

Few fathers in cinematic history have been harder and crueler to their daughter than Thanos to his adopted daughter, Nebula. He’s replaced her with cyborg parts every time she lost in sparring to her sister and tortured her to get said sister to take him to the soul stone. After helping him in his quest to vanish half the universe, she changes sides and swears she’ll be the one to kill him.

Few had reason to hate Thanos pre-snap (except maybe Drax) more than Nebula, but in the end, it was Tony who defeated the mad titan. It makes sense, as the film is more or less Tony’s, but many thought it’d be Nebula who pulls the trigger.

She did end up killing her own self, who travelled time from 2014, but it didn’t have the same emotional sting. Nebula is a relatively small character in the MCU, so having her kill the main villain of a 22-film arc may have been somewhat anticlimactic for die-hard Marvel fans.


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