Avengers Endgame: 15 Under-Appreciated Moments (That Deserve More Love)

There's a lot to miss in the world's biggest blockbuster.

Marvel Studios

If not the greatest movie of the MCU's prolific decade-long success, Endgame is certainly the biggest, with hundreds of Top Ten moments lists spawning all over the internet - give that the film was chock full of the kind of memorable, awe-inspiring, and side-splitting moments that rewarded the fans that stuck with this franchise from the beginning, while rewarding more casual movie-goers with a spectacle never before seen in Hollywood history.

But lost in the tide of Endgame's Greatest Hits are some moments that are just as great, just as important, just as funny, and just as worthy of appreciation.

These are moments either enjoyed in the moment and overshadowed later by something similar but bigger, or moments that simply don't seem to come up in conversation at all - despite their bigger implications for the Marvel universe, or the loving thoughtfulness in their writing that cut much deeper than the awe-inspiring spectacle of other scenes.


15. Everything Rhodey Says And Does


Very few list War Machine as their favourite Avenger, in a way that's been joked about often enough in the course of the Marvel Universe, despite Rhodey being around for as long as Tony Stark himself.

When talking of underappreciated elements of all of the MCU, Rhodey tops the list, and gets to shine in subtle ways in Endgame. His implied connection with Captain Marvel is often overlooked, his friendship with Natasha and their mutual respect one of the more heartfelt portions of Natasha's arc, the two of them keeping The Avengers afloat in the five years before Ant-Man's return.

His rapport with Nebula was also a highlight, as was him saving Rocket Raccoon's life and matching him for the Avengers's literal big guns.

But most of all, it was him being there for Tony in his darkest hour - just like the first time he rescued him from the desert in Afghanistan, that made it clear to anyone paying attention just how important Rhodey was.

If Tony Stark as Iron Man was the heart and soul of the MCU, then Rhodey, not merely as War Machine, but as Colonel James Rhodes and Tony's best friend, was Tony's hero.


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