Avengers Infinity War: 10 Predictions That Were Entirely Wrong

So, about that Soul Stone...

Avengers Infinity War Captain America Thanos
Marvel Studios

After months and months of speculation about who might die, which heroes will turn up and just what the hell the title is going to be for the next film, fans finally know how Avengers: Infinity War plays out.

Perhaps Marvel's biggest game-changer yet - both in terms of narrative shakeups and sheer filmmaking spectacle - the previously shrouded-in secrecy plot is finally out in the wild, and it's pretty safe to say the end result was nothing like what most people expected.

While discussions would have been fuelled regardless, Marvel themselves have done a brilliant job of keeping viewers on the back foot, as it's now apparent that quite a lot of the footage in the trailers was actually manipulated to not give away major surprises and plot points that are best experienced in the cinema.

Consequently, the purposefully misleading teasers have meant that a lot of the predictions fans had for the movie based on its marketing (as well as few rumours circulating that just wouldn't go away) plain ol' didn't happen. For better or worse, Infinity War was full of surprises, but perhaps the biggest was that these seemingly locked-in predictions didn't come true.

It goes without saying, but expect massive spoilers from this point on...


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