Avengers Infinity War: 10 Predictions That Were Entirely Wrong

10. Avengers 4's Title Wasn't Revealed In The End Credits

Marvel Studios

Despite trying to keep the focus very much on Infinity War and not repeat their past mistakes of announcing too many movies too soon, Marvel unintentionally ended up drawing everyone's attention to Avengers 4 by shrouding its title in mystery.

Never giving a firm date on when the title would actually be revealed and constantly teasing how it could be viewed as a spoiler, many people began to speculate that instead of a post-credits scene, the name of the next instalment in the franchise would be teased at the end of Infinity War.

How Marvel would go about doing this was up for debate, but one of the most interesting rumours floating around was that it'd follow the teasing "The Avengers will return in..." text which always closes out these releases.

That didn't happen, but in its place was the suitably ominous statement "Thanos will return." That works well enough though, and at this point Marvel would do a good job to only drop the Avengers 4bombshell once the dust from Infinity War has well and truly settled.


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