Avengers: Infinity War - Did Agents Of SHIELD Solve A Giant Doctor Strange Plot-Hole?

1. Strange And The Time Stone

Marvel Studios

So why was Stephen Strange ever on that list? He was a brain surgeon and there was little suggestion that he'd ever do anything to help others let alone the entire world. His girlfriend had broken up with him for very similar reasons and on account of his selfishness. He was not hero material at this point.

In order for the Project Insight algorithm to pick up Strange's threat, it had to have known something more than the contents of his bank accounts and his old school test scores. He wasn't going to be killed simply for his intellect (or some of the best potential HYDRA recruits would have been killed simply for being smart).

There was something else in the algorithm. Something big enough for Strange to literally be mentioned by name SPECIFICALLY by Jasper Sitwell. For him to do that, Strange would either have to be known to Cap (which he wasn't) or a hot topic for HYDRA's agents. Which made his threat another level to some of the other 20 million.

Could it be that the algorithm correctly predicted that Strange would end up not only as a sorceror (reckless behaviour, fast cars in his spending and his commitment to his job might drive him to extreme measures and the algorithm was presumably aware of Pangborn who was healed by his knowledge of magic), but also getting the Time Stone. How it knew that little piece of information is unclear, but it can only be the case that HYDRA's basis for him being a threat was the fact that he would end up with an Infinity Stone (and would hand it over to Thanos).

It might sound far-fetched, but it's as close to an explanation of why he's on that list as we're likely to get that doesn't just say "it was a mistake". And getting rid of sloppy Marvel writing is definitely to be encouraged.

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