Avengers: Infinity War - Predicting The Entire Plot In 20 Steps

19. Introducing The Underground Avengers

Captain America Avengers Infinity War
Instagram: Hjaved.art, Marvel Studios

Whether this actually happens as the prologue (or part of it) remains to be seen, but there has to be a sequence that establishes what Steve Rogers (now possibly going by the name Nomad), Scarlet Witch and Falcon have been up to since the end of Captain America: Civil War.

The suggestion is that they've effectively been operating as a sort of Secret Avengers team (a character bio released by Toys R Us confirmed that Cap has been undertaking "clandestine"), taking down what remains of the enemies of SHIELD. A cast listing for The Winter Soldier actor Callan Mulvey suggests he's returning as HYDRA agent Jack Rollins, which would seemingly confirm that we'll get at least one set-piece involving the new "Nomad" team cleaning up some loose ends.

There is, of course, the chance that we'll get this as a sort of establishing flash-back later in the movie, but having it kick things off would fit Marvel's usual approach to prologues.


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