Avengers: Infinity War Trailer - 8 Most Revealing Shots

7. Bruce And Thor Are Separated

Avengers Infinity War Reveals

Because Thor: Ragnarok is so fresh in our minds, any and all shots from Infinity War's trailer that feature Thor, Bruce Banner, or Loki, are standing out from the rest.

And because we know - spoilers for Ragnarok - that the aforementioned trio are all onboard the same ship at the end of the latest Thor film, it's curious to note that they all seem to be spread throughout the galaxy near the beginning of Infinity War. How exactly does this happen?

Just to recap, Ragnarok's finale saw Thor, Loki and Banner board a ship with the entire population of Asgard in tow, their destination uncertain. Midway through the credits, they're flying through space and are suddenly greeted by Thanos' ship - and that's the last thing we saw.

It's now abundantly clear that Thanos attacks this ship (and most likely destroys it), sending Thor hurtling off into space (where he bumps into the Guardians), with Banner crashing down to Earth and into Doctor Strange's Sanctum.

Avengers Infinity War Doctor Strange Wong
Marvel Studios

How this happens is unclear. Maybe the Tesseract (which Loki has) teleports Banner to Earth, leaving Thor to defend the Asgardians and his ship. Or, maybe the Asgardian ship flees to Earth, Thanos follows, and Banner falls amidst all the carnage.

However it goes down, it doesn't look like Thor and Bruce will be spending much time together in Infinity War, which is a shame, because their dynamic was one of Ragnarok's best elements.


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