Back To The Future: 10 Giant Plot Holes You Probably Missed

Where we're going... things don't have to make sense.

Back to the Future Back To The Future is potentially my favorite movie of all time. As a kid, I would design my own flux capacitor powered time machines in my room and only enjoyed playing with train sets when I could put a car in front of them to be pushed up to 88 mph. And yes, I did try to make my own hoverboard using a vacuum cleaner. Back To The Future is my "trilogy," and it is for these reasons that I feel most critical of it - it is close to my heart, like that family member I can make fun of and no one else can. So that's why I find it important to pick up on the points that blemished the otherwise exceptional film series. With any time travel movie, one must suspend disbelief and allow the film to function within the rules it sets for itself, and it is therefore key for those rules to be consistent, and not to be full of holes. Sadly, the BTTF trilogy was never quite as committed to that agenda as it should have been. So, I present the following portrait of Back To The Future's plot holes out of love, having watched the films somewhere north of 500 times...

10. Marty's Parent Remembering Him

BTTF 1955 As we live our lives, many of people touch us, and some can have more impact than others. One person I consider to have touched me most is the person who introduced me to my wife: I will remember that face and name until the day I die. That is why I find it a bit hard to swallow what 1985 George and Lorraine have yet to realize that their son looks exactly like the young man that was strangely motivated to bring them together in their youth. Marty spent a large amount of intimate time with each of them, kissing one of them before she was rather unforgettably almost raped, and saving the life of the other one. Sure, I can believe that they named not their 1st, not their 2nd, but their 3rd child after him as an homage, but when they are spitting images of one another that would be bound to raise some eye-brows around the dinner table. At the very least Lorraine must have blushed a bit when she bought Marty his first pair of Calvin Klein underwear before she put it together.

David is an educator and writer from the Philadelphia area. In spite of loving parents, he was largely raised by television and movies.