Back To The Future: 10 Giant Plot Holes You Probably Missed

9. Marty Disappearing

In the original BTTF, when Marty prevented his parents from originally meeting he jeopardized his very conception and put himself in danger of being erased from existence. Marty was in 1955 from November 5th - 12th. Over those first several days, Marty's brother and sister were gradually erased, as indicated on the photo that Marty so quaintly carried with him before smart phones. But when it came to Marty, he began to disappear on the stage with Marvin Berry and company at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, but all at once and very rapidly. Talk about inconsistency. Poor Marty, what did he ever do that the cosmic forces of space and time would wipe him out with one fell swoop instead of over several days like his siblings? Perhaps they knew that it was all he needed to be inspired into introducing the world to rock n' roll?

David is an educator and writer from the Philadelphia area. In spite of loving parents, he was largely raised by television and movies.