Bad Habits: 10 Nunsploitation Films

The nuns in these films are not like the nice little nuns that educated me. They are frequently lascivious, prone to baring their breasts, often in league with Satan or standing up for women's rights. Nuns make for great exploitation fodder. We don't know what happens behind the abbey doors so we can posit all sorts of wild imaginings. The sexy nun is both kinky and profane, a forbidden delight and exploitation filmmakers usually imagine them as sex-crazed deviants who actively enjoy breaking their betrothal to God. You will find a wide range of nuns in this list - killers, psychos, pioneers, perverts to tickle your fancy. Now, don't forget your Hail Marys for looking at this sinful list.

10. Sacred Flesh (2000)

A Mother Superior has conversations about sex with various imaginary people because she is daft in the head. The Abbess of the convent is sufficiently worried enough to get the local Abbot to come along and sort the situation out. That is the plot. The film basically consists of the Mother Superior's nightmarish visions and monologues, a lot of lesbian nun action, torture, flagellation - everything you would expect from the most lugubrious of naughty nun films. The film has quite explicit sex scenes but they aren't very erotically satisfying - unless you have a monster sized fetish for semi-naked nuns. The whole affair is basically soft core porn with souped up arty pretensions - all the railing against the Catholic Church is pointless obfuscation of the real fact that the movie is pretty dumb and plays out like a porno. I find it amusing that in a supposed period piece the nuns have shaved pubes and all sorts of piercings. Interesting fact - this was the first film to be banned in Britain for blasphemy. I am upset that this film comes from Nigel Wingrove because Redemption is a great company and I have about 25 releases from their collection. But I cannot in all honesty say that Sacred Flesh is a good film. It just looks like someone went out of their way to be gratuitously blasphemous and sexploitational for the sheer hell of it - to upset the establishment. That is all well and good, but you gotta have the goods to back it up and this is just a mess.
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