Bad Habits: 10 Nunsploitation Films

9. The Other Hell (1980)

"The genitals are the doorway to EVIL!!!" So said a nun who in the process of embalming another nun went nuts and ripped out the uterus of the dead body. Sinister goings on are rife in this convent. A young priest is sent in to investigate what is happening among the nuns who seem to be demonically possessed. He performs an exorcism but what form of evil is he dealing with? Satan himself or the buried secrets of the Mother Superior? Bruno Mattei is without a doubt the most useless director that was spawned during the golden age of 1970s Italian exploitation. The man could barely direct himself out of a paper bag let alone construct a cohesive narrative and an interesting film. All of his films are duds; I cannot find a single redeeming feature about them. They are not so bad they are good, they are wrist-slittingly diabolical. The Other Hell follows in this vein, delivering crappy special effects, hammy acting and long periods of inaction and confusing dialogue. It also shamelessly lifts Buio Omega's Goblin score and presents it as a dissonant cacophany which is out of place with the tone and setting of the film. It is a convoluted mess which is the dregs of nunsploitation. Sure there is some gore but it is so poorly executed it will fail to rouse your interest. And there are no naked Italian nymphets with sexy nun capering to ogle. Boo! Mattei could have at least provided us with some nice T&A scenery.
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