Bad Habits: 10 Nunsploitation Films

7. Suor Emanuelle (1977)

In a bid to have Black Emanuelle (the ever delectable Laura Gemser) experience sexual prurience in the nunsploitation genre, the director Giuseppe Vari has her suddenly renounce her saucy past and enter a convent. How convenient. Emanuelle is apparently there to keep an eye on Monika, a sex maniac daughter of a Baron who joins the convent after bedding her young stepmother (!) and proceeds to service every man around the place. This causes the other nuns to question their repression and cloistered status. Monika has a relationship going with a fellow nun and her sexual inhibition makes Emanuelle question her own sexual and religious identity. Oh BTW, there is also a killer with a knife hiding out at the convent. It seems to appeal to every deviant within a hundred mile radius. This film is not directed by Black Emanuelle supremo Joe 'I'm a filthy pervert' D'Amato, but it nonetheless possesses a similar pleasing smut factor. There are tons of naked nuns getting it on in a sexy lesbian fashion. There is less of the D'Amato nastiness such as rape and snuff film plots (Emanuelle in America) so the viewer can enjoy Suor Emanuelle on a purely erotic level and forget about the silliness of the set up. It works great as a nunsploitation piece and a sexy caper. In fact it is one of the most appealing nunsploitation flicks out there.
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